The Journey of Your Lifetime


Mental Health with Soul in Mind

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First and foremost, an individual expedition is recommended for any person who is having difficulty with life issues or who may not want to partake in a group journey. Individual sessions are tailored to meet your needs and might include talk therapy, hypnotherapy, dreamwork, sand tray therapy, and/or art therapy. An individual journey focuses upon the difficulties you are currently experiencing in life and in relationships, and attempts to help you understand and overcome such problems. However, we will also look at the meaning of such issues and try and understand why they are presenting themselves at this point in time in your life and how they might be pointing to a greater purpose and perhaps a bigger life change.

Group journeys for adults are also offered within the expedition experience. There are numerous ongoing groups within my practice and many of them are not only engaging and fun, but potentially life changing. Group work is also a less expensive option to meet your needs and gain valuable insight. You can contact me in order to arrange joining an undergoing expedition or to discuss the formation of a new group. Currently, I have a dreamwork group for adults as well as a hypnotic regression group. More information on both groups is available.