The Journey of Your Lifetime


Mental Health with Soul in Mind

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Come in and relax in an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Set amidst a backdrop of tropical foliage, enjoy the sounds of trickling water and relaxing music as you begin your mental health adventure. You'll feel as if you've left your life behind and entered into another state of mind; a state where you'll discover aspects of yourself that may have been long ago forgotten or neglected. An Inner Expedition takes place underneath the canopy of a safety net within my base camp. It is a safe haven for self-reflection where you might discover inner strength and emotional balance in an effort to overcome obstacles placed along your path towards life enjoyment and fulfillment.

My office is maintained in an effort to meet the psychological needs of any client who might desire to undertake a mental health expedition. In addition to my adult base camp, I offer a private area for children who need care and support. I offer a variety of art therapies, play therapies, and video therapies to help children and teenagers explore their own inner environments in an effort to facilitate understanding of their current life situations. In essence, an Inner Expedition is suitable for adults, children, and the child within all. My base camp is soothing and intimate but large enough to engage in family interactions and small groups as well.





So, bring your baggage - it's already packed - and let's take the journey of a lifetime together. Let me work with you to uncover and discover the anchors that tie you to life's deserted islands. Together, we'll get the wind back into your sails so that you can launch yourself upon an expedition to greater purpose, an expedition to inner wholeness. After all, aren't you worth it?