The Journey of Your Lifetime


Mental Health with Soul in Mind

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You are beautifully unique.

You make a difference in the lives of those around you just by being you.

You have a specific purpose in life that you are meant to achieve.

Shouldn't your individual qualities be recognized and celebrated without the use of a "cookbook cure" to mental health trying to mold you into something that you are not?


An Inner Expedition focuses upon the re-discovery of life purpose in an effort to introduce meaning and fulfillment to any life experience. Undertaking a pscyho-spiritual journey can afford greater self-awareness and a depth of understanding that may provide improved self-esteem and a renewed sense of inner peace in a crazy world.

An Inner Expedition utilizes a Jungian/Existential approach, meaning your needs and life experiences are the priority of therapy. You decide how the journey will commence and proceed. You communicate which aspects of life will be addressed. Ultimately, long-term change and self-understanding are attained along the paths and images you choose to follow. As you lead, I will follow along as a guide in your experience.


There are two types of therapy you might choose in order to undertake your journey. Individual Therapy is a more intensive service designed to offer personal growth and change in a safe and secure environment. Talk Therapy is coupled with Artistic Interventions and various Play Therapies in order to access creativity and imagination. Dreamwork and Sand Tray Therapy delve into symbolism and images that are alive and thriving in your everyday experiences. Clinical Hypnotherapy offers an opportunity to safely delve into unconscious realms and past events that continue to hinder progress and growth towards life fulfillment. Relaxation and self-care skills are also strengthened to help reinforce inner peace and a sense of security in order to overcome obstacles along life's journeys.

Group Therapy is less intensive in nature and can offer a cost-effective alternative in order to address life goals, everyday needs, personal growth, and peer support within a nurturing, caring environment. Some examples of group work that are currently available through Inner Expeditions are Dreamwork for Adults, Videotherapy for Teens, and Social Skills for Children. If you are interested in Group Therapy, please email your guide for current options and openings that might be available for your needs.

How can an Inner Expedition help you?

As previously mentioned, each Inner Expedition is individually tailored to focus upon your current concerns. However, unlike many modern therapies that subscribe to a need-based, medical model where an individual is viewed as lacking in particular abilities or information, an Inner Expedition adheres to a strength-based model which promotes the belief that the answers you seek are already alive within your psyche, and you contain the inner abilities to achieve your goals and promote change in your life. Together, you and I will uncover those answers and build upon your established positive coping skills and character strengths. An Inner Expedition may help to:

  • Improve communication
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Restore balance to relationships and life experiences
  • Experience greater satisfaction in relationships
  • Discover a higher purpose and ascribe meaning to your life
  • Overcome overwhelming feelings of sadness, depression, or anxiety
  • Alleviate unnecessary fear and irrational worry
  • Set and achieve realistic life goals