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Mental Health with Soul in Mind

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What is an Inner Expedition?

Put simply, an Inner Expedition is mental health with soul in mind. An Inner Expedition is an adventure to wholeness, a journey toward life fulfillment. It is a chance to re-define what psychotherapy should be. In today's chaotic world, psychology aligns with the medical model. Individuals usually seek psychotherapy when they feel something is wrong or when they have been labeled as "mentally ill." Therapy is accessed during a crisis situation or when a traumatic event overwhelms an individual's life. Is it any wonder that therapy continues to have a negative connotation in society when, of course, therapy can be a life-affirming event?





Of course, an Inner Expedition can and does address such crises and traumas as they arise. However, mental health with soul in mind looks beyond the "illnesses" or individual "flaws" to focus upon the strengths that an individual possesses. Meaning and purpose from a psycho-spiritual viewpoint are applied to life experiences. Positive personality traits and learned behaviors are studied and strengthened to help overcome imbalance and nurture self assurance. In this manner, an Inner Expedition offers an individual not only support in times of crisis but support in all aspects of life including relationship development, family interactions, personal growth, exploration of life purpose, improving self-care skills, development of life-goals, etc. Therapy need not be the dreaded treatment of a pathological condition. An Inner Expedition can be a journey towards hope and goal acheivement. You can be a client on the adventure of a lifetime, not an institutionalized patient in need of a cure.


Don't let the storms of life stop your growth